Event description

Traditionally viewed as weaker prey with valuable assets, small security teams are often the targets of today’s sophisticated cyber criminals. Major attacks have the potential to overwhelm and even cripple smaller teams, jeopardizing the security of their organization’s vital corporate assets.

Lean security teams have to completely reevaluate the way they approach security as cyber-attacks increase, becoming more efficient and agile, able to pivot from a reactive to proactive strategy. A mid-sized, consumer owned electric cooperative made this very change to ensure the integrity of its corporate network. By using ProtectWise, this energy cooperative’s security team operationalized their cybersecurity strategy to become the hunter, not the hunted. This proactive mentality is one that is important for businesses of all sizes to adopt in the current cybersecurity landscape. But for smaller security teams with fewer resources, it is imperative. With the technology offerings available today it is no longer necessary to employ a massive security staff, but as cyber threats grow in prevalence it is not enough address each attack as it comes. Now more than ever, the best defense is a superior offense.

Join this webinar to see a real-life example of how a lean team operationalized cybersecurity to be the hunter, not the hunted.


EnergySec is excited to partner with ProtectWise for this educational webinar.