NERC CIP Vendor Workshop Day 2 St. Louis

Section 3 – CIP and Your Organization

In this section we will explain how the CIP standards impact the market for products and services in the electric sector. We will identify the features and functions your customers need to effectively comply with the standards, and requirements that apply to your products, services, and personnel.

Unit 16 Market Opportunities

What products, services, features, and functions do your customers need to meet their compliance obligations?

Unit 17 Compatibility issues

How can your products “play nice” in the CIP landscape?

Unit 18 Scope Issues (CIP-002)

Are your products or services in-scope for CIP requirements?

Unit 19 Personnel in CIP environments (CIP-004)

How can you effectively deal with personnel background checks, training, and access requirements

Unit 20 Network Perimeters (CIP-005)

How might network restrictions impact your products?

Unit 21 Remote Access (CIP-005)

How do the CIP remote access requirements effect your ability to provide remote support?

Unit 22  System Security (CIP-007)

What expectations will customers have regarding system hardening, patch management, malware prevention, logging, and password controls?

Unit 23 Recovery (CIP-009)

How might customers require support for disaster recovery?

Unit 24 Configuration Management (CIP-010)

How can you support your customers in meeting configuration management requirements?

Unit 25 Transient Devices

What requirements will apply when you need to bring your own electronic devices into a customer’s CIP environment?

Unit 26 Information Protection

What will your customers require of you when handling their confidential information?

Workshop: EnergySec CIP Compatibility Report

In this workshop we will introduce the EnergySec CIP Compatibility Report (CCR). Attendees will receive access to an online tool to generate CCRs for any product or service. Attendees are encouraged to bring product literature and/or specifications to work through the creation of a CIP Compatibility Report that will provide the information your customers need in a convenient, consistent, and easy to read format.