Jack Whitsitt

Jack Whitsitt brings a breadth of cyber security knowledge and thought leadership to any discussion. His early efforts, which have been cited in IEEE papers, thesis research, and other works included leading an open source development group in creating novel tools to respond to attacks, creating created new methods of correlating and visualizing large scale security information, and supporting large US government and civilian incident response teams looking at traditional IT networks.

More recently, Whitsitt has been working in the areas of control systems (SCADA) security and national level risk management, partnership, and information sharing. In 2009 and 2010, he worked for Idaho National Lab as an early member of DHS’s national ICS-CERT team as a part of the DHS NCCIC responding to critical infrastructure incidents of national consequence.

Mr. Whitsitt worked as a federal employee supporting TSA in its capacity as the Sector Specific Agency (SSA) for transportation (including pipeline) security. In this role, he has been facilitating a national initiative for transportation implementing a reasoning framework for guiding strategic national cyber security policy within the sector and to provide organizations with national-level insights into their own individual risk management efforts.

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